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Marshae’ Dabney, also known as “Angel”, is a spoken word artist and author from Richmond, VA. Angel writes poetry for people with a common goal, to heal. She started her healing journey when she was 14 years old. Her goal was to break generational curses and rebuild herself, her soul, and her heart. Angel now takes these practices and puts them into her poems for the next person to use as a guide to their healing whether it's from a broken heart, abuse, trauma, self esteem etc. Her poems are unfiltered, raw, and unedited, packed with emotion and truth. Through her journey, she hopes to inspire and uplift people from all over the world with her poems and pure heart. 

Angel's book, "Where There Is Light At The End" is available now on Amazon. You can purchase and support below.

Her EP’s can be found here:


Miley Carterr

Meet,  Miley Carterr. An actress, dancer, model, influencer, content creator, and auther. A woman of many titles, Miley began her journey inspiring the world at the age of 14 when she started her YouTube Channel “Miley Carterr”. She grew to become an internet sensation over the years, and has accumulated over 1.4 Million Views on her YouTube Platform alone. She published her first book “Becoming Miley” in 2016, which she later followed up with “I AM” in 2019. Miley is an activist for all trans persons of color and promotes living in your truth while protecting your mental health.

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